The Engineering and Design program introduces students to various aspects of the engineering industry.  Students learn drawing practices and work with various CAD and CAM software, as well as physically creating their designs.  This pathway explores the crucial role of engineers and designers in industries such as manufacturing, construction, as well as many others.
This program may be for you if you are interested in: working with your hands, seeing the product of your work, building things, mechanical projects, designing objects or spaces.


Students work with several pieces of CAD software, and also learn how to produce machine code for Computer Automated Manufacturing operations.  

Students interact with professionals who have worked in manufacturing and construction fields and participate in various site visits to experience aspects of a career in engineering and design.


Courses available in this path include:

  • Engineering and Drawing Practices
  • Intro to CAD and CAM
  • Technical Drafting and CAD
  • Surveying
  • Construction Materials and Inspection


Students in the Engineering and Design program can
earn a Drafting and CAD certification through Iowa
Western Community College.


Designers and drafters help engineers to plan, design, and build equipment, manufactured products, facilities, highways, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.


Entry-Level Wages


Job Openings


Income Potential

Meet Riley

Riley, Woodbine Senior, chose the Engineering and Design program as a way to prepare for her future career as an interior designer.

Riley has explored several different pieces of CAD software through the program, and has looked ahead to her college coursework to ensure she is prepared when she graduates high school.

“Next year I am going to school to be an interior designer, and because of that, we plan to visit at least one interior design firm for one of our site visits in my CAD class. I also have a personalized course that was specifically tailored for my future interior design coursework.”



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