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This One's for YOU

This page is for you, our IGNITE Champions.  On this page, you'll be able to locate forms, find links to program pages, and follow your fellow Champions on IGNITE social media groups. Scroll through the pageor click on a link below.

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Were you PUNCTUAL? (0=No show, 1=15 min late, 2=late, 3=early, 4=5 minutes early):
Were you PRODUCTIVE? (0=did not follow directions, 1=2 or more reminders, 2=2 or less reminders, 3=0 reminders, 4=self-directed):
Were you ACCOUNTABLE? (0=don't care about results, 1=rushed, made several mistakes, 2=rushed, made a few mistakes, 3=took time, best effort, 4=made no mistakes):
Rate your COMMUNICATION. (0=did not communicate, 1=negative or disrespectful, 2=needed a few reminders, 3=positive & respectful, 4=positively contributed to class discussions, positive & respectful):

4th Quarter

This form is for you, our Champions, to use to self-assess each day you are scheduled for class.

The soft-skills promoted at IGNITE are relevant in any career.  By assessing yourself each day, you will be reinforcing the behaviors necessary to be successful in life and in your chosen career.

Fill out the form, daily, and click the submit button.

Use this criteria to complete the form.


Field Trip Form

All champions are required to submit this form each time you take an IGNITE field trip.  You will actually create two submissions for each trip:

Before you leave on your trip, you will record your personal Goal for the trip.  Think about what you hope to see or hope to learn.

After the trip, you will record what you've learned and what impact the trip has had on you or your fellow Champions.

At the bottom of the form, you will see a checkbox for an image submission.  Check the box if you have submitted an image via email or your Facebook group.


Champion First Name:
Champion Last Name:
Champion Email:
Program of Study:
Personal Goal (for the trip):
Facts (what you've learned):
Personal Impact (of the trip):
Check here if you've emailed an image to your Navigator:
Check here if you've uploaded an image to your Facebook group::

Facebook Groups

These private Facebook groups are for you, our Champions, to:

submit photos
share information
present ideas
share posts
explore opportunities
celebrate successes 

The groups are closed -- private to you, other Champions in your program, Navigators and IGNITE administrators.





Email Us

Use these links to email Navigators and IGNITE administrators.

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